RED Project(Phase 1)--Zango Housing Project in Angola

The project occupies an area of 416 hectares and we served to the construction of apartments, 5 kind gardens, 4 primary schools, 3 middle schools, supporting municipal infrastructure as well as sewage treatment plants. The total number of households is 8,000 with about 4,000 residents. There are 2 sewage treatment plants located to the north and south of this project respectively.

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Margarita Sea Water Desalination Project in Venezuela

Margarita Island Desalination Project is the most popular one among all existing desalination projects in Venezuela, with the latest commencement, but the earliest completion, the highest quality standards, the most advanced technology and the most satisfactory to the Owner. The project's effluent will be directly connected to the municipal water pipe network...

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TIUNA Social Housing Project in Venezuela

Located in TIUNA military camp in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, the project belongs to the big social housing plan of Venezuela. Beixin International undertook the construction of Block A and J with an overall building area of 282,173 square meters and a contract amount of 1,745,572 US dollars.

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Agricultural Planting Project

As the pioneer of XPCC in carrying out agricultural “Going out” strategy, Beixin International undertook a number of national agricultural projects in Angola, such as Malanje Farm and Uíge Farm, and independently invested in Catete Farm and Tianchang Farm. The total amount of the projects reaches 250 million US dollars, and the total reclaimed land area is about 20,000 hectares.

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